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About Us

Rolloverstock is India’s trusted B2B marketplace. It provides most comprehensive eCommerce platform for manufacturers/wholesalers to sell and retailers to buy across India. It aims to make B2B transaction smooth, hassle free and secure in India.

As suggested by the name “Rolloverstock”, it aims to keep stocks rolling from manufacturers /wholesalers to retailers. With presence at over 14,000+ pin codes, it makes the whole country your marketplace where you get to sell/buy across a wide range of 1000+ categories of products.


Rolloverstock provides the Manufacturers/Wholesalers with

A 24/7 online storefront
to sell products in bulk

Increased business
reach and sales

Enhanced brand promotion and visibility

500% increase
in profits

Faster liquidation and turnover of stocks

Rolloverstock provides The Retailers with


A 24/7 online marketplace
to buy products in bulk


Restriction free bulk
ordering as per your need


1000+ categories of
products to buy from


Verified products
and sellers

Group 23271


ROS National Recognition

A place where your bulk selling and buying experience is hassle-free, time-saver, convenient, safe and secure, it is answer to all your B2B needs. With everything within, Rolloverstock is here to keep stocks rolling.

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