Rolloverstock, India’s trusted B2B eCommerce marketplace, offers a holistic support system to manufacturers, encompassing both digital and traditional methods. By taking care of all business requirements, including Branding, End-to-End Marketing, Sales, and Expansion, Rolloverstock enables manufacturers to focus on producing high-quality products. This case study highlights Daily Fresh, an ice cream manufacturer, and how they leveraged Rolloverstock’s solutions to achieve remarkable growth in the B2B sector.


 Discover the success story of Daily Fresh, a visionary ice cream manufacturer that exclusively launched its products on Rolloverstock. It delivers a wide range of Natural ice cream made with fresh fruits to delight every palate. Daily Fresh faced challenges in expanding market reach, generating sales, and increasing revenue. Limited distribution channels and resource constraints hindered their ability to connect with a wider customer base. By leveraging a holistic support system from Rolloverstock, Daily Fresh focused on producing high-quality products while leaving all business requirements on Rolloverstock and its services.

Expanded Market Reach

 Through Rolloverstock’s integrated support system, Daily Fresh experienced significant market reach expansion. Leveraging Rolloverstock’s Dealers, Distributors, and Retailers network, Daily Fresh’s ice cream products gained widespread accessibility, unlocking new business opportunities, and penetrating untapped markets.

Improved Sales Performance

Rolloverstock’s support, comprising digital, and traditional methods, led to remarkable improvements in sales performance. With Rolloverstock’s user-friendly platform, Daily Fresh seamlessly connected with retailers, distributors, and potential buyers, resulting in substantial growth in sales and revenue.

Build A Strong Network

Rolloverstock built a robust network of Dealers, Distributors, and Retailers for Daily Fresh, ensuring maximum market coverage and efficient distribution channels. Strategic connections within the ice cream industry strengthened Daily Fresh’s supply chain, fostering long-term partnerships that contributed to increased sales and revenue growth.

Solutions Offered by Rolloverstock

Recognizing the need for a multifaceted approach, Daily Fresh partnered with Rolloverstock. Rolloverstock provided a suite of services covering Branding, End-to-End Marketing, Sales, Expansion, Digital Transformation, Traditional Methods, and Exclusive Physical Outlets.

Revamped Marketing & Sales Strategies

Rolloverstock played a pivotal role in revamping Daily Fresh’s Marketing and Sales Strategies. Leveraging Rolloverstock’s expertise, Daily Fresh refined their approach with Influencer Marketing, Targeted Marketing Campaigns, Optimized Product Offerings, and Enhanced Customer Engagement, driving sales and revenue growth by promoting it on various Social Media platforms.

Results and Growth

Through the partnership with Rolloverstock, Daily Fresh witnessed a transformative journey. Rolloverstock’s comprehensive approach, without upfront investment, led to expanded market reach, enhanced brand visibility improved sales performance, and remarkable revenue growth. This collaboration empowered Daily Fresh to thrive in the competitive ice cream market, positioning the brand for sustainable growth and success.


In conclusion, Rolloverstock’s holistic support system, incorporating digital and traditional methods, alongside Exclusive Physical Outlet, empowers manufacturers to achieve revenue growth and business success in today’s competitive digital market.