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  • Brand: Dolcetto
  • Item Form: Bar
  • Opportunity: Easter, Birthday, Thank You, Thanksgiving
  • Taste: Chocolate
  • Type of diet: Vegetarian
  • Specialty: Vegetarian
  • Occasion: Easter, Thank You, Birthday, Thanksgiving, gifting
  • Chocolate Type: Milk Chocolate
  • ‎Ingredients: Milk Chocolate, Almonds, Pistachios, Kismis (Raisins)
  • Deliciously Milk Chocolate Bar
  • Carton of 10 Packs
  • Each pack contains 80 grams of Chocolate Bar
  • Country of Origin: India.

Dolcetto Fruit & Nut Luxury Milk Chocolate Bar- 80gms / Pack

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₹1,721.00 / Carton ( 10 Packs ) Margin: 50.83%
Product Price :   172/ Per Pack Quantity Details : 1 Carton = 10 Packs
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  • Introduction to Dolcetto Fruit & Nut Luxury Milk Chocolate Bar: Get ready to tantalize your taste buds with the Dolcetto Fruit & Nut Luxury Milk Chocolate Bar, a confectionery masterpiece that harmoniously blends the creamy richness of milk chocolate with the delightful crunch of premium nuts and the natural sweetness of succulent fruits.
  • Creamy Indulgence: The Heart of Milk Chocolate Elegance: At the core of this luxurious treat lies the essence of high-quality milk chocolate. Meticulously crafted for optimal creaminess and a smooth texture, the milk chocolate in the Dolcetto Fruit & Nut bar promises a luscious experience that unfolds with each decadent bite.
  • Premium Nuts: A Symphony of Crunch and Nutty Delight: What sets the Dolcetto Fruit & Nut apart is its generous inclusion of premium nuts. Carefully selected for their size and flavor, these nuts contribute to the symphony of textures within the chocolate bar.
  • The exquisite crunch and rich, nutty undertones elevate the experience, creating a delightful interplay of creaminess and crunch.
  • Succulent Fruits: Nature’s Sweetness Infusion: In addition to the nuts, the Dolcetto Fruit & Nut bar introduces the natural sweetness of succulent fruits.
  • These fruits add a burst of flavor and a hint of sweetness to the milk chocolate canvas, creating a dynamic and well-balanced profile that caters to both the chocolate purist and those with a penchant for fruity undertones.
  • Elegant Packaging: A Visual Prelude to Delight: The Dolcetto Fruit & Nut Luxury Milk Chocolate Bar isn’t just a treat for the taste buds; it’s a visual feast.
  • Encased in an elegant wrapper adorned with subtle accents and an artistic depiction of the delightful ingredients within, the packaging invites anticipation and sets the stage for the opulence concealed within.
  • Culinary Symphony: A Perfect Fusion of Flavors: Whether savored slowly, allowing the chocolate to melt luxuriously on the tongue or enjoyed with a hearty bite, the Dolcetto Fruit & Nut promises a culinary symphony.
  • The interplay between milk chocolate, premium nuts, and succulent fruits creates a perfect fusion of flavors, showcasing the brand’s commitment to delivering a multifaceted and indulgent chocolate experience.


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