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  • Brand: Shudhaa
  • Product Type: Mustard Seeds
  • Flavor: Natural
  • Packing: Packet
  • Diet Type: Vegetarian
  • Item From Seeds
  • Pack of 50 Pieces
  • Each Piece Contains 50 & 100gms
  • Country of Origin: India.

Shudhaa Mustard Seeds (Pack of 50)

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₹375.00₹873.00 / Pack ( 50 Pcs ) Margin: 12.7%
Product Price :   7.5/ Per Piece ( 50g ) Quantity Details : 1 Pack = 50 Pieces
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/ Pack ( 50 Pcs )
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/ Pack ( 50 Pcs )
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  • Shudhaa Mustard Seeds are a versatile and flavorful spice that adds depth and character to a wide range of dishes. Here’s why Shudhaa Mustard Seeds are a staple in every kitchen:
  • Bold Flavor Profile: Shudhaa Mustard Seeds boast a robust, pungent flavor with a characteristic spicy kick, adding zest and intensity to dishes.
  • Aromatic Spice: With its distinctive aroma, Shudhaa Mustard Seeds infuse dishes with tantalizing fragrances, enhancing the overall sensory experience of your culinary creations.
  • Culinary Versatility: Shudhaa Mustard Seeds are incredibly versatile and can be used in various cuisines and dishes, including curries, pickles, marinades, sauces, dressings, and spice blends, adding complexity and depth of flavor.
  • Enhances Texture: When crushed or ground, Shudhaa Mustard Seeds release oils that help thicken sauces, emulsify dressings, and create a velvety texture in dishes, enhancing their richness and mouthfeel.
  • Digestive Aid: Mustard seeds are known for their digestive properties and have been traditionally used to aid digestion, alleviate bloating, and stimulate appetite, making them a valuable addition to hearty meals.
  • Antimicrobial Properties: Shudhaa Mustard Seeds possess natural antimicrobial properties, helping to inhibit the growth of harmful bacteria and fungi in food, thus acting as a natural preservative and enhancing food safety.
  • Rich in Nutrients: Mustard seeds are a good source of essential nutrients, including protein, dietary fiber, vitamins (such as vitamin A, vitamin C, and B-complex vitamins), minerals (such as calcium, magnesium, and iron), and antioxidants, promoting overall health and well-being.
  • Homemade Condiments: Shudhaa Mustard Seeds can be used to prepare homemade condiments like mustard sauce, mustard paste, or mustard oil, allowing you to customize the flavor and intensity to suit your taste preferences.
  • Experience the bold flavors and culinary versatility of Shudhaa Mustard Seeds by incorporating them into your favorite recipes. From adding a spicy kick to curries to creating tangy condiments, mustard seeds are sure to elevate your dishes and delight your taste buds.

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