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  • Type: Chicken Masala
  • Form Factor: Powder
  • Ingredients: Chilli Powder, Garlic Powder, Flavour Enhancer, (E621), Stabilizers (E451(i), E452(i), Anticaking Agent (E551), Iodised Salt. Contains added flavour (natural & Nature Identical Flavouring Substances)
  • Easy to cook
  • Ready Masala: Yes
  • Maximum Shelf Life: 12 Months
  • Not Recommended for children Below 12 Months
  • Carton of 5 Packs
  • Each Pack contains 5 Pieces
  • Country of origin: India.

SS – CHEF’S FAVOURITE Crispy Fried Chicken Mix- 100 Grams (5 Pieces/ Pack)

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  • SS – Chief’s Favourite Crispy Fried Chicken Mix is a meticulously crafted blend that transforms ordinary chicken into a crispy and flavorful masterpiece.
  • How to Prepare:
  • 1. For marination Take 1 kg chicken in a bowl, add 50 gm Chef’s chicken Favourite Crispy Fried Chicken Mix & 90ml water then mix it well.
  • 2. Cover the bowl, and keep in the refrigerator for 2-3 hrs (do not freeze)
  • 3. When the chicken is marinated take another bowl and add All-purpose Flour (Maida) coat the marinated chicken it by pressing it softly and firmly.
  • 4. Take another bowl of water and quickly dip the coated chicken in it.
  • 5. Again, coat the chicken with All-purpose Flour (Maida) Repeat this process for extra crispy and better taste
  • 6. Now add the coated chicken to the net tray and shake well to form the flakes (Crispy Coating)
  • 7. Deep fry the chicken in pre-heated oil on medium flame till golden brown
  • 8. Serve it hot with tomato ketchup or Mayonnaise.
  • Crispy Fried Chicken Mix: Elevate your fried chicken Taste with our premium Crispy Fried Chicken Mix. Achieve a perfect, golden crunch that will leave everyone craving for more.
  • Easy to Cook: Our Crispy Fried Chicken Mix is designed for convenience. Enjoy a hassle-free cooking experience, ensuring that you achieve restaurant-quality results with minimal effort.
  • For 2 Kg Chicken: Perfectly portioned for 2kg of chicken, our mix provides the ideal balance of seasonings and coatings to ensure a delicious and satisfying meal. Make your fried chicken the star of the dinner table.


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