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  • Brand: The Honey Company
  • Flavor: Lychee
  • Package Information: Jar
  • Specialty: Vegetarian
  • Recommended Uses for Product: Medical
  • Pack of 2 Pieces
  • Country/Region of Origin: India.

The Honey Company Lychee Raw Honey 1 kg 100% Pure Natural Raw Unprocessed Unheated Unpasteurized Unfiltered (Pack of 2)

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  • Flavor: Lychee Raw Honey is a light amber-colored honey from apiaries set up in Bihar, Haryana, West Bengal & Uttar Pradesh; the largest Lychee producing States in India. The flavor is delicately sweet & buttery. The viscosity, flavor, fragrance & color of raw honey is unique to the floral source, the climate of the region, the age of the honey & its composition. The same honey varietal may display variations in color & taste depending on the above-mentioned factors.
  • Raw And Unprocessed: The raw honey is extracted from the honeycomb part of the hive, leaving the rest of the hive safe and unharmed. The raw honey is strained through a sieve to separate debris and then bottled. You may find tiny specks in your honey and that would be pollen and tiny bits of honeycomb debris. This is an indication that your honey isn’t subjected to filtration or heat.
  • Crystallization: The Crystallization of raw honey depends primarily on the ratio of glucose and fructose in the honey. It is the glucose in the raw honey that converts to crystals given the right time and external temperature. Honey with high glucose content like Mustard Honey crystallizes quickly, and honey with higher fructose content like Acacia Honey doesn’t crystallize for a long time. Enjoy your crystallized raw honey as is. If you must soften the honey, keep the jar in warm water.
  • Benefits: Lychee Raw Honey is rich in carbohydrates, amino acids, enzymes, organic acids, flavonoids, vitamins, and minerals. It is recommended for respiratory, skin, gastric health and bone health issues faced by women. The presence of phytonutrients imparts excellent antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties to the honey. Its antioxidant properties protect body cells against damage caused by free radicals.
  • Storage: Keep your precious jar of honey in a cool, dark place. Use a dry dipper or spoon to scoop the honey and screw the cap back on tight. Do not refrigerate or use direct heat on the honey as both will destroy the healthy goodness of raw honey.


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