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  • Brand: VOIK
  • Color: Orange
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Bottle nipple-type: Vented
  • Bottle Type: Anti-Colic Bottle
  • Age Range (Description): Baby
  • Pack of 6 Pieces
  • Each Piece Quantity: 240 Milliliters
  • Is Dishwasher Safe: Yes
  • Country of Origin: India.

VOIK Stainless Steel Vega Mirror With Silicon Sleeve For New Born Baby, Regular Neck, Mirror Finish (240ml) (Pack Of 6)

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₹1,653.00 / Pack ( 6 Pcs ) Margin: 60.56%
Product Price :   276/ Per Piece Quantity Details : 1 Pack = 6 Pieces
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  • This is specially designed for feeding infants and young children with liquid food, such as formula or breast milk.
  • It typically consists of a bottle-shaped container with a narrow neck, a cap or nipple, and a ring to hold the nipple in place.
  • The nipple of the feeding bottle is typically made from soft and flexible materials such as latex or silicone, which mimic the texture and feel of a mother’s nipple.
  • The nipple can have different shapes and sizes, including standard, wide-neck, or angled, to accommodate different feeding preferences and reduce the risk of gas and colic.
  • Feeding bottles can be sterilized before use to eliminate any bacteria or germs that may be present and should be cleaned thoroughly after each use to maintain hygiene and prevent
  • Some feeding bottles come with additional features, such as anti-colic vents or disposable liners, to help reduce gas and make feeding easier and more convenient.


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